Efficient Lightweight, E-band Power Combiner

In order to handle large amounts of airborne intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance data, command and control information at high data rates, and large numbers of communication channels, future military communication satellites will require extremely wide bandwidth capabilities

Compact high power, high efficiency amplifiers are needed in the E-Band (71-76 GHz) and (81-86 GHz) region for high speed 1-10 Gbps point-to-point data links for airborne, ground, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), and satellite applications

During this Phase II SBIR program, QuinStar Technology, Inc., made multiple demonstrated advances in technology applications (e.g., 8-way and 16-way E-band radial line combiners, 10W E-band SSPA with radial combiner, 45W E-band solid state power amplifier design)

The compact, high efficiency combiner and solid state power amplifier will enable the development of E-band high data rate (1-10 Gbps) data transmission systems for large numbers of communication channels (i.e., aircraft, UAV, and satellite).

 Efficient Lightweight, W-band Power

  • The 10W SSPAM assembly employs an 8-way radial divider, 1.6W solid state power amplifier (SSPA), 8-way radial combiner, heat sink and fan.