QuinStar acquired 3 brand new PNA-X network analyzers from Keysight. Each unit is a do-all system packed with cutting edge measurement functionality. It is the most advanced measurement system on the market applicable to what QuinStar does. The PNA-X holds the promise of streamlined testing. Connect a device under test (DUT) once and the PNA-X can measure all the performance specifications you have. No need to disconnect the DUT and test it differently on some other test bench. No need for other test equipment – the PNA-X is all the test equipment. Among other things, the PNA-X can measure:

  • S-parameters
  • Noise figure
  • Spurs
  • 2-tone IMD
  • Phase noise
  • Gain Compression
  • AM/PM
  • Noise Power Ratio (NPR)
  • EVM

All this, and it does it with world class accuracy and speed.

It slices, it dices, it makes chili and fries.