QuinStar has recently implemented a cutting-edge enterprise-level temperature and humidity monitoring system. This state-of-the-art system marks a significant departure from the outdated paper chart recorders, ushering in an era of wireless efficiency and precision. 

Wireless data loggers strategically positioned in environmentally critical areas collect temperature and humidity measurements 24 hours a day. The collected data is seamlessly organized by server software, allowing easy access from any work computer web browser. 

The implementation of this long-term monitoring system serves as a tangible testament to QuinStar’s dedication to producing high-quality products within the stipulated environmental conditions. Beyond mere data collection, the system features threshold alarm mechanisms, notifying relevant personnel promptly if environmental requirements are not met. Moreover, this valuable dataset can be leveraged to evaluate the effectiveness of QuinStar’s air conditioning system. 


Key Features and Benefits: 

  1. Maintenance-Free Operation: 
    • Bid farewell to paper charts and ink pens – this system operates effortlessly without the need for manual upkeep. 
  2. Ownership Value: 
    • No subscriptions, no leases, no Software-as-a-Service – both the software and hardware are fully owned, ensuring continuous value generation. 
  1. Precise Humidity Measurement: 
    • Benefits of full-range humidity meters, providing accurate readings from 0 to 100% relative humidity. 
  2. High Accuracy: 
    • With a high accuracy level of 1.5% relative humidity and 0.2°C, the system ensures reliable and precise environmental data. 
  3. Web Interface Accessibility: 
    • The data is easily accessible through a user-friendly web interface, making it auditor-friendly and allowing seamless integration into existing workflows. 
  1. Wireless Flexibility: 
    • The wireless meters offer unparalleled flexibility, allowing easy relocation without any area being out of reach. 
  2. Threshold Monitoring: 
    • Automated email alerts notify facilities personnel of low humidity, and future enhancements will trigger signal towers in labs for visual alerts to lab members. 
  1. Scalability: 
    • Easily scale up the system by adding as many wireless meters as needed, accommodating evolving monitoring requirements.