QuinStar announces a new team member. Introducing Rafael Hernandez, our QA Manager. Rafa brings significant experience to the role. Additionally, he has a keen interest and talent for establishing processes to improve company-wide operations. As a certified ISO9001 Internal Auditor himself, he will be an integral part of QuinStar’s ongoing certification activities. QuinStar is certified to ISO9001:2015 and AS9100D.

Outside of work, Rafa has several interests. He’s a lifelong soccer player. Chivas is his team. He also enjoys playing the guitar. Most recently, Rafa added “home renovation” to his list of hobbies. A repair quoted at $3,000 inspired him to investigate doing the work himself. After $150 in materials, a little research, and a few hours of work the project was complete. As a result, his new hobby was born.

At QuinStar, we value Rafa’s cost-effective, problem-solving approach. We’re confident Rafa will have a positive impact on maintaining QuinStar’s reputation for high-quality millimeter-wave products and exceptional customer service.