QuinStar successfully completed a 28-month program with Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The program entailed developing flight hardware for the NASA-ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) Synthetic Aperture Radar (NISAR) mission. QuinStar’s deliverables included Ka-band solid-state power amplifiers. The SSPA is an enabling element of the communication payload for the high-speed, space-to-earth datalink.

The NISAR satellite uses advanced radar imaging to monitor changes to both the Earth’s surface and to the above-ground woody vegetation biomass. Additionally, it takes  measurements of complex processes such as ecosystem disturbances, ice-sheet collapse, and natural hazards. As a result, this invaluable scientific data will provide a better understanding of the ever-changing Earth, benefiting humankind and facilitating responsive resource and hazard management.

The effort explicitly illustrates QuinStar’s vision statement: A world more connected with real-time, critical information.

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