While we’re disappointed that APS March Meeting 2020 was canceled, we’re also grateful that APS prioritized health and safety. The conference is a great opportunity to meet with customers and learn more about both your research and the emerging requirements. We look forward to meeting with you in Nashville 2021. In the meantime, here is a brief cryogenic products update.

4 – 12 GHz Units

Based on customer feedback, we now use OHFC copper housing for our cryogenic components. The material created some design challenges—especially for wider bandwidth units. This required a redesign of the garnet as well as the housing. As of mid-February, our redesign established consistent performance—but at the cost of considerable lead time. The 4 – 12 GHz units are now shipping.  We thank everyone who has been waiting for their ongoing patience.

While we don’t want to make the same mistake of promising too much too soon, the design improvements have the unit approaching 4 – 13 GHz bandwidth.

In Development

At the 2019 March Meeting, many of you requested additional RF components for cryogenic temperatures to support your work. QuinStar is uniquely positioned with a longstanding history in developing microwave and millimeter-wave solutions as well as in cryogenic component design. If you’re looking for a component or if you need improved performance, let us know what you need. We may already have it in development.

Last Call on Some Stock Items

Based on the copper’s superior performance, QuinStar will discontinue the aluminum housing. We have a limited number of these cryogenic circulators and isolators in stock. Please contact us at sales@quinstar.com if you’d like more information. You can view our cryogenic products line here.