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High output power, wide tuning bandwidth, low phase noise, optional mechanical tuning.

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Specifications and Ordering

Our designs are built onsite and upon request. We tailor each order through our sales engineers to better serve your purchase.


QuinStar’s QCR Gunn Regulators and Modulators provide bias voltage to Gunn oscillators in a safe and reliable manner. Two configurations are available: the basic compact regulator and the full-feature regulator/modulator. The basic compact regulator provides a fixed regulated bias voltage, which adjusts by a screw. The full-feature version has AM (amplitude modulation; ON/OFF) and FM (frequency modulation) capability.

Full-Feature Version Highlights

The AM feature turns the bias voltage on and off by supplying an external TTL control signal at speeds up to 10 kHz. We can customize QCR to achieve higher levels. The FM feature allows the output Gunn bias voltage to be continuously varied over a prescribed range by applying a 5 and – 5 volt signal. As a result, this changes the operating frequency of the Gunn oscillator (FM) or its power level, depending on the oscillator type or application. The FM feature can also be used to phase-lock a Gunn oscillator. This uses an external phase-lock loop or source-locking frequency counter.


Both versions of Gunn Regulators and Modulators provide a low-noise, low-ripple constant voltage output. They are also both capable of providing current up to a maximum of 2 amperes. In sum, QCR provides a significant degree of protection from power supply over-voltage and transients.

Ordering Information


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