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Broadband coverage, high noise power output, compatible with most noise figure meters, fast rise/fall time.

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Specifications and Ordering

Our designs are built onsite and upon request. We tailor each order through our sales engineers to better serve your purchase.


QuinStar’s QNS Millimeter-Wave Noise Sources cover the frequency range of 50 – 110 GHz in three waveguide bands. QNS offers up to full standard wave-guide band coverage. They feature stable noise power output, high switching speed, and relatively flat high output power. Careful device selection, special cavity design, and matching circuits all contribute to a reliable design that is highly stable with time and over temperature.

QNS’s noise output power is specified as excess noise power ratio (ENR) as a function of frequency. QuinStar offers three versions of QNS to suit virtually any application. Firstly, we offer full waveguide band noise sources for use with noise figure meters. These models provide very flat ENR (nominally 15 dB) over complete standard waveguide bands in the 50 – 110 GHz region. Secondly, we offer higher power noise sources with amplified output power (20 – 30 dB ENR) over the 50 – 110 GHz frequency range. Thirdly, we offer narrowband versions with high output power for subsystem applications and special test equipment. These nominally offer 1 – 2 GHz bandwidth with excellent flatness and stable characteristics. We offer an integral isolator i for improved VSWR. QuinStar can readily provide a custom-designed noise source to suit unique applications or subsystem requirements.

QNS noise sources measure noise figure of amplifiers and receivers using the most currently available noise figure meters and eliminate the need for gas tubes. They also work well for calibration and built-in test functions in many sensitive receiver subsystems, radiometers, and measurement instruments.

Ordering Information


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