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Full waveguide bandwidth, high isolation, low insertion loss, low VSWR.

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Specifications and Ordering

Our designs are built onsite and upon request. We tailor each order through our sales engineers to better serve your purchase.


QuinStar QOT Orthomode Transducers cover full waveguide bands from K band through W band (18 – 110 GHz) in seven bands. Orthomode Transducers separate a signal applied to the circular waveguide input port into its two linear orthogonal components at the rectangular waveguide output ports with greater than 32 dB isolation between the polarizations. In reverse, two orthogonal linearly polarized signals combine, producing an output in the circular waveguide port. The resulting polarization may be linear, circular, or elliptical depending on the relative phase and amplitude of the two orthogonal input signals.

Typical insertion loss of these Orthomode Transducers is less than 0.5 dB over the full waveguide band. Typical return loss is greater than 15 dB.


These products are for instrumentation, multi-polarization radars, sensors, radiometers, and communication systems.

Ordering Information


Contact us at for ordering information or submit an RFQ.